Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sleeping Panda Presents:

Brighton Hobgoblin
Thursday 9th December

Tonight is the second event for Sleeping Panda Promotions at the Hobgoblin featuring a heavier selection of music of punk, death metal and sludge. First act on were:

It's early days on the circuit for Rose Keller and tonight they show signs of a promising future. Their music takes influence from modern Death Metal bands such as Job For a cowboy, Despised Icon and Suicide Silence, so in other words brutality. Their songs are well written with some head-bang worthy grooves complete with over the top harmonics but their performance is what lets them down. They don't look like members of the same band wearing completely contradicting items of clothing and lacking a collective performance. However I am looking forward to what these guys do in the next few months as once these problems are ironed they may well become serious competitors for Brighton's Death Metal crown.

Target Girl
I did not review these guys tonight in count of how many times I have seen them over the last few weeks, I however helped Calum (Sleeping Panda promotor and Target Girl frontman) on the door.

Sak-Less Jack are always a great live band to catch on the local circuit and tonight is no different. The festive season is not lost on them with the frontman and guitar player wearing Santa outfits, also acting as a sweat sponge. They play to a smaller crowd but perform as if it were full. In addition to their set they play a new song that features a slight stylistic change with skank guitar that also sounds dubby in places. To complete their set and with this festive mood in mind the band play a full on Sak-less styled cover of the Christmas classic, “All I want for Christmas” - is my two front teeth.

This is the first time i've reviewed these guys and for a band that claim to be out of practice, they sure deliver a tight set worthy of their headliner position. Their sludge doom metal style can be likened to Down, Mastodon and Kyuss but is not like anything that can be heard in Brighton. Their songs are really interesting showing great use of dynamics and disgracefully dirty tempo changes that are painfully slow in places (in a good way).
Personality leaks from every member of the band who compliment each other very well making a huge presence in the venue. The frontman also gives off a great vibe as he prowls around the place like a circus clown gone wrong. It would also appear that Uncle Debauchery are irresistible to a particularly drunken fan who also makes a memorable performance of her own.


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