Sunday, 5 December 2010

Black Sunday Promotions Presents: "Headbangers & Thrash 2"

Brighton Hobgoblin
Saturday 4th December

Tonight's event at the Hobgoblin sees a well fine crowd of loud and proud thrash hungry fans complete in their leather, spikes and denim. With the recent snow passing way to relentless wind and rain there is only ever one place to be and that is under the great hosting of Black Sunday Promotions. Due to circumstances out of my control I have failed to review Kickfist ( again! I am sorry guy's it wasn't meant to be. Maybe one day our paths will cross in a glorious conjuration of Metal and harmony, but for now it's time for:

This is the second time I have reviewed these guy's and the second time I am left unimpressed. Their new singer has definitely done more to integrate himself with the band and give of a better vocal performance than before. But their sound comes off the stage as a sloppy barrage of noise with tempo's fluctuating and guitars feeding back. They do however incite movement from the crowd with some heads a banging. But for these guys to really improve they need to adopt a more ruthless approach to mediocrity.

Mutually Assured Destruction
M.A.D. hit the stage delivering a tight set that really catches my attention. Their guitars are sweaty with condensation as is the audience with some serious windmilling going on at the front and a pit that the singer later joins. M.A.D. draw from a wide range of influences from the old school Thrash of Megadeth and Exodus, guitar and drum breaks of Dream Theatre and the party atmosphere of Municipal Waste. With track names such as 'Thrash Grandad' and 'Blu-tac Attack' there is everything in here for all Metal heads to like.

These guy's offer their take on Thrash bringing in some more Hardcore Punk influences on vocals. There was a complete paradox on stage with the frontman giving off great amounts of energy and the bass player, acting as a black hole that sucks it all back in. These guy's had some brutal grooves, some great tunes and an awesome drummer but it bothered me to watch them with a member that looked so genuinely unenthusiastic, how are we supposed to like it if you don't?

In the absence of a Bass player, Divine play to a backing track with the drummer wearing headphones meaning they had to be tight, and damn it they were. They play to a slightly smaller crowd than the previous bands but still give off an aggressive performance. They take from an eclectic range of influences, bringing speed, attitude, intense shredding and a huge drum kit that gets seriously worked on to the table. Their most interesting track of the night featured an Opeth like break down section into clean guitars. This dynamic change really makes for an interesting listening experience and would be better carried out through their set. These guys will have an album arriving on the scene sometime in January or February and I will be looking forward to what they sound like with a live bass player.


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