Friday, 22 April 2011


Concorde 2
Wednesday 20th April

This Is Massacre
Devil Sold His Soul
Deaf Havana

Arriving at the gig before doors see's many eager fans already waiting under the evening sunshine of the idilic Brighton Sea Front. Alas, a superb line up awaits the punters and leaves us eager to see what the night has in store.

So far 2011 has proved a very prosperous year for This Is Massacre which has seen them releasing their debut EP 'We Cannot Be Saved' and stepping out of general band circuit to support some high profile acts in some of the best venues in Brighton.

This Is Massacre took the opportunity in their stride looking extremely comfortable on the big stage. Their sound was something to die for with tight kick drum blasts pummelling you chesty bass and a full on saturated Thrash tone to leave all the gear junkies creaming in their pants.

Since last seeing them in February the band have toyed with their line up replacing Tom Chilton on bass with Ross McLean, leaving him to share the more gutsy side of vocals with Dan

It takes real experience and confidence for a band to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and act upon it. This dynamic shift really worked in the bands favour as it allowed them to depict a much more devastating stage show which was well noted by the audience. As the room began to fill more and more so did the level of intensity in the crowd with most pits opening and the people at the front of the onlookers held well and truly in the palm of the bands hand.

This Is Massacre are well and truly climbing up the ranks and once they hit the perfect balance of dynamic in their new line-up change, everything will be in place for them to be a heavy weight act both in and out of Brighton.

Once again Brighton takes a sonic trip into the soundscapes that texturises the Devil Sold His Soul experience. Their set was greeted with just as much anticipation as their set at Digital and just like before, their sound was nothing short of exceptional.The venue was filled with the enigmatic intensity of their music rendering the listener in a near trance like state. 

Just like This Is Massacre before the larger capacity stage and impressive lighting rig showed a higher level of presence and authority than the previous gig.

Frontman Ed Gibbs is very much the driving force of this performance running about the stage to squeeze as much energy out of the willing audience as possible.

Always a band to leave you wanting more and with a growing fan base in the South it most likely won't be long till we see these guys down here again.

Deaf Havanna initially came across as a controversial band to have on the night's bill sounding almost poppy after the previous acts. Frontman, James Veck-Gilodi admitted that 'we're basically a shit rock band sandwiched in-between'. 

Although their appearance showed a slight division in the crowd, a shit rock band they were not offering a refreshing break to distinguish sets. With the click in the bass drum being very quickly removed from the equaliser their set gathered exciting momentum winning me over with personality and hooky songs. 

The audience clearly know all the singles singing them loud and proud and once James dropped the 'Brighton is my favourite place in the UK' it was clear they were on to a winner.

With a headline tour to sweep the UK in July to support the release of their new album Deaf Havana will be hitting a stereo near you soon.

Being the first time Underoath have ever played Brighton, Concorde is well and truly at capacity. The band hit the stage in a furious display of raw power and energy triggering some of the biggest pits of the night and the first few crowd surfers to roll over the fence.

Having been a turbulent few years for the band with various members leaving and re-shuffling of line-ups the band shattered expectations with outright professionalism. In a quick passing hour the band managed to remain at a peak delicately interchanging between material of old and new.

Little time was really spent talking to the audience other than the odd mention of their new album and instead just giving the audience more of what they want. The band finish their sweaty fuelled set to an encore of 'Writing on The Walls' which has the audience singing as loudly as Spencer through the PA.



  1. I tried shouting this out at the gig when Underoath said this was their first time playing Brighton but they played Brighton Centre in 2006 on the Taste of Chaos tour.

  2. Ah, that must have been with the old singer then?

  3. Must admit totally agree with you, one of the best gigs Ive been to in Brighton for a long time. Will definitely be watching out for local lads This Is Massacre, very exciting, talented young guys that can hold their own the with the big guys.

  4. @UnderGround Reviews

    Aaron was still in the band and so was Spencer. I can understand it can be easy to forget these things as of the amount of shows the band has played over the years.


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