Monday, 17 January 2011

Damaged & Karybdis

Black Sunday Promotions

"Metal Madness 2011"

Brighton Hobgoblin

Saturday 15th Jan 

New addition, Jonny Sennett
Tonight see's Damaged play their first gig in 8 months with the addition of a new guitar player. They open their set with an instrumental giving the front women a chance to rock out on the guitar before taking vocal duties for the rest of the set.

I was instantly drawn into this band as passion dripped from every
member lifting their songs off the stage and getting the audience moving. Their set was constructed with perfect precision dropping and lifting the dynamics at critical moments taking you on a journey from beginning to end.

Musically I found it hard to categorise this band, they appear to take influence from Metal and Hard Rock though no one band as an obvious influence, a credit to their originality.

Damaged are definitely a band to check out on the scene, a really great live band, great musicians and some excellent songs that I am looking forward to hearing again

My Photography skills might be rubbish, but Damaged certainly are not.

Karybdis were just the breed of Metal band that I had been horning for all week. After a slow start getting the sound levels adjusted properly these guys burst into a set with the impact and precision of an Atomic bomb.

A groove so heavy Bass player Jay Gladwin shits himself mid song

Gil Renault spots a familiar face
Like Damaged before it is very hard to place these guys neatly in a sub-genre. Their progressive outlook takes you through the history books showing both the past and the future of our genren reminding you what it's about; going ape shit to some heavy fucking music.
Front man Gil has the perfect vocal performance to front such a band reminding me of the ripping and distorted style of Unearths Trevor Phipps of. The musicians behind the voice show impressive eclecticism and technicality taking you from the deep Gothenburg riffs off At the Gates, Jazzy interludes of Opeth to the mind-fucking attitude of Meshuggah and SiKth.

This Anglo-French-Indian quintet are out promoting their 2010 E.P. “War For Land” that will later be reviewed. Upon first listen this is something to get genuinely excited about and no wonder for reading their Myspace page shows an impressive drop of Metal credentials.
Karybdis are out for total annihilation and I cannot wait to see this band take what's rightfully theirs at a time when Metal is stagnating under the influx of copy-cat bands and careless performances. 

As always Black Sunday events are something to look forward to and February 5th will be no different with an impressive line-up of: By Definition, Gutterfly and Sweet Ether to name a few.


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