Saturday, 29 January 2011


Jack Hammer Promotions
Belushi's Brighton
Friday 28th Jan

Entering the gig last night my excitement was just as much matched with curiosity as the brief memory of playground rumour still running through my mind. It was hard to match the jolly faced red sweater adorned presenter of popular television show, Art Attack with a hard rocking band with such songs as 'Wanna Get High' and 'In For the Kill'. However Marseille impressively showed a packed out crowd of nostalgia ridden fans that they are more bonafide rock stars than a tired old gimmick.

Prior to Marseille's performance was local 5 piece Rockers Prowess. The front women was very engaging delivering catchy vocal lines to already catchy songs featuring heavy riffs and anthemic chorus's. Their set was not perfect with some polishing that is needed in places, however with a few more gigs under their belt i'm sure Prowess will gain momentum allowing them to take on bigger local acts.

Prowess showing potential

Neil Buchanon's shred attack
Marseille stormed the stage with more ferocity than bands half their age quickly creating a genuinely exciting buzz that caused girls to scream and horns to be raised. Huge power stances were pulled as riff after riff were flawlessly delivered causing adrenaline to surge through the body of the crowd.

As their set list quickly flew by the fourth wall separating band and fans was soon levelled. In fact it got quite crazy down there with people crowd surfing, head banging circles forming and an eventual stage invasion making for a night that will not be soon forgotten.

Sonically Marseille's music featured everything that makes a high octane Rock performance awesome; The dual harmonies of Thin Lizzy, the soaring vocals of Maiden, the party lyrics of Kiss plus their own piece of exuberance to boot.

Attitude and passion for their music flooded off stage, and it really takes a band like this to remind you why you got into Hard Rock/Metal in the first place.

Triple guitar assault

Marseille asked Brighton to 'raise hell' and that is exactly what they got. This is band that cannot be ignored on the live circuit and as their catchy songs still run through my mind a sense of wonder leaves me asking will 2011 be Marseille's year.

Marseille hanging out with their fans

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