Sunday, 6 February 2011

Southern Discomfort 2

Black Sunday Promotions

The Hobgoblin 

5 piece Death Ape Disco were the first band i saw of the night having already watched Prowess last week at Belushi's Bar.
Death Ape delivered huge riffs with a searing Death Metal like vocal harking to a collusion of bands such as Down, and Alice in chains with heavier acts like Decapitated and Pantera.

They played to a well stocked room of people that banged their heads to their dropped tuned riffery. The band had a more Progressive outlook than the later acts but made for interesting structures that built in intensity.

Death Ape Disco acted as a great support act to the following bands and will demand attention across Brighton in the following months.

With a new EP about to arrive on the scene Sweet Ether have taken their music and stage show to an exciting new level. 

Their new material has taken an experimental approach with the addition of effects and atmospherics to further their dark and brooding sound scapes.

Frontman 'Riggs' gave an amazing performance both physically and vocally. It dripped with such sincere honesty that the hair stood up on the back of my neck. 

There shamefully was a drop in audience attendance but this washed over them as Riggs joked; “we must be the interval band”. 

It is fantastic to see a band evolving into new territories and Sweet Ether were the band of the night for me. They offered everything that you want in the wakes of Grunge. Moody, melodic and intense.

It's been 3 months since I last saw Gutter Fly, and time has evidently not stood still. Their catchy as fuck single “Because of you” is out now on Itunes and they have just got through the first round of “Live & Unsigned”.

They had a large level of audience support which filled the venue with screaming fans who were well under the control of the frontman.Gutter Fly have stepped up their game, sounding tighter and appearing to have more  on stage chemistry, aww.

A band like this are bound to do well as they appeal to such a wide audience. Their pop structured songs allow the not so heavily inclined to listen without melting, whilst still retaining some very dirty and heavy moments. Their lead guitar player is also a totally insane shredder so there's something here for everyone.

Having heard all but good things about By Definition, my expectations were high and were very well met. The band's first EP 'Eyes on Wires' is out now on Spotify (review later this month) and 2 new recordings of 'Seek' and 'Red lights' are soon to take place.  

Like the bands before By Definition wore Southern influences on their sleeve as well as Stoner Metal. Their cool as shit frontman acts as a great host for the audience with funny chats between songs making their set feel almost social.

Their songs were well written and gripping throughout. One song mixed up their style verging on skanky Rap Metal. The singer later dedicated to all his “Dawgs in the audience”.

By Definition were a great headline act to a great night, bring on Southern Discomfort 3!



  1. Cheers for the review and pictures man, it was an epic night all round


  2. This was a really exciting bill, all bands delivered, great music, great performances.


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