Monday, 14 March 2011

Defective By Design EP Launch

Some Riot Promotions
The Pavilion Tavern
Thursday10th March

First time Underground Reviews has been to the upstairs of the Pav-Tav, and while the sound might be more suited towards club night, the stage and lighting offer a really great setting to watch a show.

Winner's of the 2010 BMA 'Best Emerging Band Award' IAM:YOURHERO were first act on the stage. With quotes on their webpage from Jimmy Page and large amount of hits to boot it would appear that these guys have gained quite a following since their conception from the ashes of 'The Rylics'. 

With an Alternative sound similar to Muse the 3 piece very quickly asserted themselves on and off the stage. Great vocals coupled with interesting instrumental sections and heavy drumming brought the songs to dramatic climax.

Their songs are well crafted bringing in tasty use of fretboard wizadry such as tapping and a hoast of effects. The vocals being no exception using a megaphone in the song 'Paranoid Distortion'. IAM:YOURHERO offered a great start to the night.

Melodic keyboard based act Vienna took to the stage next. Their instrumentation was well bestowed sounding almost uplifting in places where high energy snare and hi-hat grooves were performed in counterpoint to the keys and guitar. This strange use of dynamics worked extremely well in their favour and made sure that my interest was captive throughout the whole of the set.

The band do however need a stronger image as the NY capped drummer looked very out of place performing to this genre.

This band were very enjoyable, bringing something of their own to the gig. The keyboards and Smiths like guitar utilised some interesting use of delay, creating and heir of psychedelic ambience to the set. The guys can next be seen on the 14th March at the Hydrant.

A little later than billed comes the band Defective by Design, the band everyone is here to see to show support for their new EP 'Colour In A Black & White World' (Reviewed later this month). It's been a while since their last Brighton gig but the band carry themselves like a confident and well experienced set of musicians.

Their Alternative Rock sounds lends much to bands such as Oceansize and Incubus and frontman Eion O'Toole kind of reminds me of Ian Watkins of Lostprophets (I mean that in a good way...).

Eion very much apologised for wearing a blue shirt on what he called 'such a sweaty night' and it did get darker as the set gathered pace, cranking up the heat on stage.

Defective By Design have an heir of maturity over their work and pull off some big choruses. The band were very gratuitous for the audiences attendance is support of their cause. It's just a shame that they had their night on the same that Baghdad Country Club were playing their final gig at the Hobgoblin as part of Sleeping Panda Promotions. However, DBD pulled off a great night and their EP is now easily available from their online sources, check it out.


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