Sunday, 27 March 2011

DKH 'Cabin Fever'

Apologies in the length between the last post, been an extremely busy month for UnderGround Reviews just as it's been very busy on the local scene. We've decided not to release album/EP reviews in one post but instead post them up as and when we get them. However there will still be the prestigious Underground Reviews EP of month award available so everything is still worth fighting for. Happy moshing.
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DKH - Cabin Fever
Genre: Hardcore, Stoner/Doom
For Fans Of: Down, Deftones
Stand Out Track: Steve Stevens
Rating: 7.5

Having released 'Cabin Fever' last year, what DKH have done here is blend the stoner sound of bands like Kyuss and High On Fire with darker and sludgier overtones. The heavily distorted screamed vocals reminiscent of Chino from Deftones finish off their collative sound in away that makes them angrier and more pissed off than some of their other more lethargic local counter-parts.

The presentation is awesome, the zombiefied artwork by Dan Jones looks fantastic in a jewel case. It's rare to see a product that actually looks like it could go to market... if shop's actually sold CD's these days.

The album features lots of samples at the opening and ending of tracks the most effective being the Jack Nicholson's quote from 'Easy Rider' in the final song, 'Steve Stevens'. However, none of these samples are credited, so let's just hope they cleared them. However a good court case always does wonders for bands marketing and promotion... Hey it's hard to get recognised these days.

The recording is a bit rough in places but actually helps to the authenticity of the sound. The lo-fi mix cuts much of the top end off to leave a dirty swamp of brooding hatred.

The roots of the sound is riff based and grove orientated, with use of Machine Head like atmospherics of swirling phase and delayed whammy in certain tracks. The drum's even get a bit of rework in “Euthanasia” to get that Sepultura like tribal thing going down.

This album is worth checking out for any Hardcore or Stoner Rock fan. The whole package is etched with anger and the essence of spilt bong water. If you want to check it out yourself go see the guys at the Green Door Store on the 11th of April.


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