Monday, 18 April 2011

EP Of the Month (March)

Apologies for the lateness of this post, but Underground Reviews are very proud to announce Lithurgy's Mother I as the EP of the month. Although this was released some time ago Lithurgy are now hosting the EP at THIS address for free download, reinstating once again their relevance to the local scene. 

Lithurgy – Mother I

Genre: Progressive/Experimental Metal
For Fans of: Mastodon, Pink Floyd, Neurosis
Stand Out Track: Mother I
Rating: 9.5

The band have been seen nestling in a hot bed of activity since touring with TesseracT and making an appearance at Bloodstock last year. They are currently writing Mother I's follow up that will be slowly shaping over the next 6 months. Considering Lithurgys constant evolution and progressive outlook all is set in place for this to a Mammoth release for Brighton's Metal scene.

Opening track '…' see's almost a minute of electronic noise that acts as an unsettling introduction to the title track, 'Mother I. The first minute of this track prides in Lithurgy's ability to create tension through innovative use of time signatures and melody and see's the band guiding us through some mammoth riffs and huge instrumentation. It is very quickly recognised how serious this band are, using mature use of technicality to create impressive and gripping song form by the likes of Prog elites such as Mastodon and Dream Theater.

Tom Humphrey's vocals are clear and add an heir of gripping emotion throughout the track at particular in the chorus. This is what really makes this EP important. It has the emotional impact of thinking mans Metal without sounding like the bastard offspring of too many drunken jams.
Last track, 'On the road' shows a slight tonality difference, sounding like something from 'Blood Mountain'. This displays the bands wonderful ability to borrow from so many different genre's whilst still maintaining their own sound and feel.

Already established as an impressive live band, making this EP available for free download (well in swap for you're e-mail) will open this band to a wider audience of fans. Mother I is an impressive release and leaves you gagging for the next instalment of Lithurgy's sonic seed.


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