Monday, 22 November 2010

Black Sunday Promotions: Relaunch at the Hobgoblin

Brighton Hobgoblin
20th November 2010

This is the first time Black Sunday Promotions has put on a gig at the Hobgoblin since it's reopening this year. Tonight see's a sell out crowd with 100 plus people coming down to support local metal. Unfortunately headline act Surrounded by Disgust had to pull out due to some unexpected ill health from drummer Ryan Dennington. We wish all the best and a speedy recovery, hopefully we will see them on form soon delivering high octane death metal on a Brighton stage very soon.
This is the second gig I went to at the Hob this week, and they have added a small stage, which definitely does more to differentiate the band from the audience and make it feel more authentic.
Due to some bad time management on my part I missed first act Kickfist (
, but having seen them before I am sure they did not disappoint.

Graces Collide

Graces Collide play to a full room of fans (judging by the screaming girls on the front row) which sets off a good vibe for their melodic metal style. Their songs are well written taking on a more poppy approach which gracefully moves from verse to anthem like chorus. The frontman Dan has a great voice who's melody does much to capture the audiences attention and keep them gripped throughout the set. With the fan pulling power that the band posses I know it will only be a matter of time till we will see them performing at the top of their own bill.


Tonight was Acamar's first gig, so fresh are they on the scene that they don't even have a Myspace yet. At a complete paradox to Graces Collide, this 3 piece consisting of guitar, drums and a female vocalist play Darkthrone/Autposy like Black metal. Graces Collide fans quickly run to the hills leaving only select Black Metal fans who band their heads throughout the set. The band almost take a minimalist approach to their songs, but at points it became very boring as a lack of diversity and dynamics were called upon.
The band show potential tonight, but to really become something special on the local scene they need to play and perform to the intensity that Black Metal dictates.


Tonight was Subservience's third gig, and little would you know as they put on a hard hitting show that leaves the audience screaming for more. The band show a wide range of influences from Metal styles of old to more contemporary death metal, and would definitely be my choice of band of the night.
Frontman Jay Fitt has a brutal voice that really tops of the raw energy that gets the audiences head banging. Having just released their Demo 'Blueprint to Chaos' Subservience obviously know what they are doing and I will be looking forward to them punishing Brighton again in the coming year.


Gutterfly act as honorary headliners tonight, and do a fantastic job. Every member of this band are obviously very accomplished musicians in their own right, adding a little bit extra to the arrangements. The bands style were accurately described to me as Black Label Society covering Stone Sour, and made for a very memorable set.
Their frontman has a very distinguished voice and his performance reminds me of Trent Reznor whilst he handles the mic with such confidence. Gutterfly tick every box that a great performance should and theres something for everyone here.

It is great that Black Sunday Promotions are back at the Hobgoblin for all the memories that the old venue held for the bands and the fans. It is also great to see a sell out show, having the local fans show themselves in numbers, tonight shows a very promising future for metal at the Hobgoblin.


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