Saturday, 20 November 2010

Sleeping Panda Presents:

Brighton Hobgoblin
Thursday 18th November 2010


Sice kick of the night with their style of Alternative Rock. Some technical issues such as broken strings challenge the band but fail to spoil their set, with help from the generous lending of Baghdad's Elliot Tatler.
The drummer is the highlight of the band, propelling energy of the stage, with his often Drum N Bass like grooves.
Simon Stone vocals often remind me of Jeff Buckley or Thom Yorke impressively reaching into the Falsetto, whilst running his fingers through some complicated fingerpicking rhythms.
Their songs are dynamically very strong, going from ambience into heavier sections that really capture the audiences attention. Sice offer a great start to a very promising evening of local acts.

Target Girl

Target Girl attack the stage with the same ferocity as is usually expected of them. Their sound is very clear through the Hobs PA system, making it easy to hear Calum Anderson's lyrics. The band give off a great energy tonight with splinters of drum sticks littering the stage at one point. The delivery of the songs particularly through the vocals were performed in a different manner than when I last saw them, offering a different insight into what makes Target Girl tick.
Their song structures with catch verses and chorus really stick with you after the band have finished playing. Hopefully it will only be a short amount of time till Target Girl are attacking my stereo in a similar fashion.

Baghdad Country Club

Brighton favourites Baghdad Country Club are by head count the band everyones come to see here tonight. It has been almost 2 years since I last saw these guys in Brighton's Coalition and they have certainly up their already high standards since then.
Baghdad give it all, not settling for mediocrity in any part of their set be it with performance, delivery or their songs. This is why they manage to hold the audience in the palm of their hand throughout the gig with many of the audience members singing the lyrics back to frontman Elliot Tatler.
This band were a real pleasure to watch tonight, even keeping the audience entertained between song, gratuitously reminding the audience of Harry Potter 7's release the following day, Hoorah.

Sweet Ether

Sweet Ether really come into their own as a headline act throwing down some serious doom laden grunge, hawking back to the drug infested scene of the early 90's. They begin playing to a smaller crowd than the previous band, showing a split opinion in the crowds music tastes, though the room fills out as their set continues.
Vocalist Riggs is very talented frontman prowling around whilst offering a vocal delivery that is brooding with honesty and emotion.
Sweet Ether have obviously put in some time since the last time I saw them, polishing their songs to a tee and also playing some new material that really gets my head rocking.

Sleeping Panda Promotions first gig tonight was a huge success, showing a diverse roster of acts that has really got me excited for what future holds. Calum Anderson and Nat McDonald are obviously very passionate about the music and it is great to have some new promotors on the scene that will really help to kick the local circuit up its lazy ass into the new year.


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