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Concorde 2
Friday 26th November

Tonight see's the launch of a new club night at the Concorde 2; Revolt. This will be a quarterly event and after the strength of tonight, I cannot wait for the next one.
There was something to keep everyone here entertained, such as fire breathing, Dj sets, zombie fancy dress, stalls from local shops as well as Surfaces and Lithurgy playing, what more can you want?

Walking into the main hall, I was immediately greeted by the site of a clown wanking off a chicken head on the main stage; it was then I realised that I must pay the bar a visit.

Beer in hand and Aerosmith blaring through the speakers, it was time for fire eating act Miss Baby Bones walk onto the stage. She then whipped off her shirt (to a cheer from the male members of the audience), lighting her fire sticks. Miss Baby Bones knew her audience well as she sexually brushed her instruments across her arms before extinguishing them in her mouth to a pillar of smoke. This acted as a great warm up to:

These guys threw down an impressive performance with their Progressive, Tech Metal sound that assaulted the ears. Sounding like the bastard love child of Periphery, Architects and Sikth, they tore the Concorde apart, with their show only complimented by the perfect mix of the instruments. Their ball rattling bass mixed with their visually stunning synchronised head banging made sure that no member of the audience was left unimpressed.


Frontman Callum Kirk has only been in the band 4 months but already looks integrated and comfortable as he lets out some disgusting hardcore vocals. Surfaces have a punishing set list that refuses to leave my neck motionless particularly in their breakdowns which were tighter than my pants in the Playboy mansion. Surfaces will soon be embarking on a tour that will see them visit Belgium, Germany and other parts of the UK so make sure you catch them at their next Brighton show on the 19th of December at The Hydrant.

Between the two bands sets a best dressed Zombie competition was held on stage to a soundtrack featuring Lamb of God, Decapitated, At The Gates and Meshuggah proving to me there was no other club night more suited towards people like me. I quickly went to the bar just in time for Lithurgy.

I've been waiting a while to see Lithurgy and good thing it was tonight as this was the last gig till next summer whilst they write and record their new album. Fresh from a tour with Tesseract, Lithurgy are tight as nails with technical efficiency and energy flying off the stage.

From my built up preconceptions Lithurgy seriously did not disappoint, and I mean seriously. The band play with a new line up change of guitarist Tom Bates joining the band and Gazz relieving himself of his 6 string duties for the synth. This does only more to accentuate this band's already stunning sound.


In sight with their experimental and Progressive edge, Lithurgy are not scared to mix up the normal instrumentation of a metal band by also adding a saxophone, drum trigger pads as well an on stage floor tom to take their sound to a new level. This is great to see as it shows a band pushing the boundaries of heavy music rather than cashing in on current trends and stagnating the genre as so many bands do.
The bands E.P. Mother I is truly awesome and with their tireless work ethic i'm sure the album will be something for every metalhead to look forward to.


This whole night was run very smoothly, with the DJ's having the ear for what this kind of crowd would want to hear. Clowns walking round and other antics such as the Zombie competition this was the perfect way to spend a Friday night.

Catching up with one of the promotors after the event, it is clear they share a lot of mutual passion for the local scene. Wanting to make it a much tighter community for the bands and the fans.
With the closing of many local venues, and there being no large scale club nights to cater for the, well more heavily inclined. It is great to see someone take the risk and offer somewhere for us metal heads to hangout, listen to some tunes, knock back some brews and watch local bands play on a bigger stage, rather than just listening to Metallica ar some main stream venue that claim to have an 'Alternative night”

The promotors have a lot of ambitions for Revolt, using all profits to improve the next event. If it is anything like tonight, February 25th will not be a date to be missed.

* Sasha Nicole Photography
** Tom Frank 'The Tank' Photography


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